Naim app neighbour intrusion

Some moments, hopefully not frequent, I loose the connection on my Naim app. It’s written something like that “ someone tries to connect, try again “.
Have you that also?

I wonder if I have to change the password on my commercial router.
@Simon-in-Suffolk , you generally doesn’t help me with the network upgrades, because your posts are too theoretical. And I understand quite not much.
But here, your knowledge can help me :grin:

Bluetooth maybe ?

If you have access to your router do you see anyone else connected when it happens ?

Change your Wi-Fi password just in-case.

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I will perhaps try first to disable Bluetooth. And see what happens.

I get that every now and then even though I’m the only one connecting or using a Naim app in the house. I just wait or try again or close the app down and restart. It’s not a security issue.

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I occasionally had that problem with my ND5 XS. It doesn’t happen with my 222 with both my iPad and Android phone running the Nam app. So perhaps it’s only a Gen 1 issue?

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I guess you are referring to your wifi SSID? It’s unlikely to need changing, but simple enough to do.

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Sometimes I think a smartphone can lose its connection for a moment, then on remaking it, it might still think it is still connected, yet the app sees it as a new login, triggering an error message that someone else is logged in, when in reality it is itself. Device connectivity and app logins are not an expertise of mine, that simply being my personal rationalisation of a similar phenomenon I get - most commonly with the this forum through the Discourse app when I am writing or editing a post!

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In my experience the Naim app does have an occasional bug that it shows that another copy of the app is already connected. I think this only happens with legacy streamers, like NDS, and legacy Uniti.

Closing and restarting the app and/or occasionally restarting the streamer always resolves the problem. I really doubt that it is actually a neighbour intrusion at all.

Have disabled bluetooth. Let’s see tomorrow.

We used to get this when we were using the WiFi transceiver in the ISP supplied router.
This wasn’t because it was supplied by the ISP, but simply because the WiFi signal wasn’t that good.

Since starting to use a TP-Link Deco mesh system (N.B. remember to turn off the WiFi on the router if you set up a mesh), this hasn’t happened once. The WiFi signal from the mesh WAPs is just gives SO much more reliable connection (we use wired Ethernet for the back-haul channel for reliability, and we use PoE to energise one of the WAPs due to its location).

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