Naim App not connecting to UPnP unless in UPnP Compatibility Mode but NDS does

I’m looking for a bit of help
My App seems to have stopped connecting to my UPnP Server unless it’s set in UPnP Compatibility Mode. I just get a spinning wheel when in 'norma; mode, however, I am able to connect to the server from the controls on my NDS and see the media server on other connected devices, so I think it is definitely an app problem

I have deleted and reinstalled the Naim App several times and cleared the UPnP cache but it makes no difference.

The problem with UPnP Compatibility Mode is that when you look at UPnP content it stops the streaming from any other source, plus has no queue function etc

I haven’t used my UPnP for a while so I’m not sure if the new version of the app has caused this or something else.

Anyone else had this problem / any idea how to fix it



A quick update, I think it is an iPad app problem as my iPhone app seems to work fine,

Not sure how or why, but it seems to have fixed itself.
Who knows how the app works sometimes :slight_smile:

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