Naim app not recognising Atom

Hi, I have just acquired a Uniti Atom but cannot get the Android app to recognise the Atom. If wired it gets nowhere although the Atom is connected and can play internet radio. If wireless it lets me put the password in but then seems to get stuck on transferring the data and there is no connection. I am using Qobuz for streaming so haven’t tried that yet as I think I need an upgrade and am getting a constant message that the server cannot be reached - not sure if this is a separate issue ?

Try turning the Atom off. Plug in the ethernet. Turn it on. While that’s happening restart the app. It should then find the Atom.

You might also try a factory reset, particularly if it’s a demo or pre-used model.


Have done all that but no luck. Also can’t get Qobuz to pick up the Atom. I did however get everything working perfectly on an iphone so this seems either an Android problem or something with my specific phone (which does seem to be dying to be fair).

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