Naim App not seeing ndx2

Hi there everybody.
I’m new to this forum, even though I’ve lurked for a while. My problem seems to be that when I open the n- serve on my Mac, it doesn’t seem to find the player. The correct IP address is there, but it says offline. I’m pretty sure that I’ve connected up properly via co-ax, but still to no avail. Am I being a div? Or is this quite common?
Please help if you can

Hi, what are you controlling with N-Serve? Presumably a Unitiserve or HDX connected to the NDX2? N-Serve will find the server, not the streamer.

Hi Chris, thanks for replying. I’m using a innuos zen mini mk3. It’s connected via co-ax to the ndx2, but n-serve just says offline and I can’t see any of my music collection that is ripped onto the zen. Does this help or is it not enough info?

You need the Naim app on an iPhone or Android device to control the NDX2. N-Serve is only for Unitiserve and HDX. This would probably be best used with a network connection rather than coax.

Ok. Thanks a lot. Can I not use the naim app on a Mac air? I don’t have a smart phone you see.

No, you need an iPhone, iPad, or an Android equivalent. This would also control the Innuos through a separate app.

Thanks Chris. Looks like I need to get myself an iPad then. Cheers for replying.

Yes, I think so. I just use my iPhone, but an iPad would do it. Even a basic used one would be fine as long as it doesn’t run a very old version of iOS. Android is also possible, but the consensus seems to be that it runs better on iOS devices.

Hello Again.
I’ve managed to get everything running good now with the zen and the ndx2 connected via ethernet. I would like to use the coax output of the zen though. Is there a way to set both the zen output and the input the ndx2 to play via coax.

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