Naim app (not) showing album info

I’ve had a look round but can’t seem to find a solution…
In the Naim app (Iphone) connected to my ND5 XS2, running both Minimserver and Asset on a synology (where my music is stored) when playing an album/track I can’t for the life of me seem to find album info inside the Naim app (e.g. year). If I select the three dots either beside the album or the song I get a list of options to play, queue next, queue last…
First question, is the availability of other album data (tags) a function of Minimserver or the app? (or both?).
Second question, how do I ‘see’ the tag data in the Naim app?
All software up to date.
Any advice/help/pointers gratefully received.

The first screen shot above shows the two albums in the library by Alabama Shakes, the second shot shows whats presented when the three dots are selected for an album.

There’s normally a booklet icon when you click on the album cover icon.
The artist / album metadata is used by the Naim app to retrieve information from “rovi”; it might be mixed with track metadata, I don’t know, but that review, and what you see when clicking “album credits” is definitely from rovi.

But if you click on the … you don’t see it. That’s for managing the play queue only.

The booklet Robert mentions is from the Rovi online database, and it nothing to do with the tags held in your local music files. (Sometimes it gets it wrong and identifies a completely different album or artist.)

When you browse music files in the Naim app you see the tags associated with your files, as presented by the UPnP server. If you want to dig into the details of those tags, the Naim app is not the tool for the job.

Thank you Robert and Chis, I saw the booklet icon yesterday, and the album(s) I looked at (can’t remember which ones) said something like ‘Error, no results found’ (could be the album isnt in Rovi) - this is why I’ve asked the question.
The album I’ve looked at above shows the same as your example (i.e. the rovi stuff)
Next question then is how do I get the tag data showing? Or can I?
I’m maybe going to ask the question formally via the Naim support route.

Thanks Chris, I have the tools etc to ‘dig into’, analyse, investigate and tidy up my tags, I’m interested in how do I get the Naim app to display the tags I do have (I don’t have many) - e.g. year.
I’m new to this UPnP stuff having come from a Logitec Media Server background, and understand fully I’m asking basic questions. I am searching around t’internet for the basics and how it works (especially the relationship between the server and the control point).

I think Chris is saying that you can’t.

The Naim app only shows the artist, album and the tracks within. You can’t dig further while playing an album. The Rovi booklet when available will show the date, as will Wikipedia.

You can search by data in the Naim app, so long as Asset is set up to do it.

Thank you ‘HH’, concurs with the others.