Naim App. Nova switch on query

Sometimes I can see and switch on my Nova from the app on my iPhone. Yet at other times, it doesn’t see it (even in close proximity) and I have to switch on via the remote or on the front panel. The Nova is connected by wifi to my router which is in the same room (not possible to hard wire) Am I missing something here? Thanks

Have you read up the different types of power states that you can put the Nova in? If you put it in Network Sleep then you can wake it from the app. But if you put it in Deep Sleep, then you have to press the front panel button to wake it.

I guess that is what is going on.

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It’s possible that you have a discovery problem on your network, but first, when you turn off the Nova manually do you put it in ‘network standby’ mode, or ‘deep sleep’ mode in which it is not discoverable by the app or remote control?

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Sometimes I have put it in deep sleep and do understand that with it’s implications. However, for example, when I switch off TV at night (stand-by) I change the Nova from HDMI to analogue as I know it stays powered all night with HDMI selected (warm in the morning) The Nova then will sleep and be cold in the morning. Then, randomly, I can activate it from the app. in the morning but not always. Not a big issue, but confusing!

As you are only expecting it to wake from standby, and sometimes it doesn’t, it’s very likely down to the vagaries of your wifi, a discovery issue as mentioned above.

Try pulling down on the Naim ‘My Devices’ screen, which gets it to search again for streamers.


The way TV manufacturers implement HDMI varies widely and is notorious for causing unexpected behaviour in connected devices. You could try disconnecting the TV for a while (or use optical SPDIF instead) and see if the problem persists.

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Does your wifi have different SSIDs for the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands? Or do you have VPN on your phone?

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Durr! Feeling pretty thick! Didn’t know you could actually swipe down. I’d just been clicking on ‘Use existing Device’ on home screen or ‘My Devices’ on the next screen. Interestingly, the Core is always on the screen but the Nova is absent (until now). Many thanks for all the assistance offered

No, I don’t have VPN, I’m not too au-fait with tech. which will be evident from my reply to Mr. H. Halibut!

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I imagine it’s like other iOS apps, where you drag down to refresh. These things seem obvious to young people, but not to the more mature. I only know these tricks from being part of the beta group over the years.

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