Naim App - occasionally can see files on NAS

I played music from my Synology NAS via folder structure. My folder structure is so that top level is file format (so only 2 folders, one contains FLAC and the other MP3) - subsequent folders are genre > artist > album.

Occasionally, when I navigate from FLAC albums back up to the top level and then to MP3 (or vice versa), I find the folders are completely empty. I have no idea why this happens. After hard quitting the Naim app (I’m using iOS), I end up back where I was before but now populated with files.

Is there any way to resolve this annoying issue?

BTW, I have rebuilt database on both NAS side and Naim app side. Not sure if solves the problem though - not sure because I add new albums to the NAS quite frequently.

What UPnP media server are you using ???
I use Asset UPnP, I rejected the Synology ‘Media Server’ as its so basic & limited functionality
I have some MP3 albums (converted from FLAC & saved for use in an iPod) these I have in a separate MP3 folder.
MP3 copies aside, all albums are FLAC or DSD & are located in the Music Share under artist, album or orchestra name.
But it doesn’t matter how folders are named, the UPnP media server searches metadata.
With correctly edited metadata, the media server will search & find by artist, album, composer & a list of other browse paths, including all those with FLAC & MP3.
If I want to specifically select just the MP3’s, I use an Asset browse tree branch called Folder & Filename Browsing

Not the Additional → Type view? That will show your mp3 files no matter where they are located in the filesystem

I am using the default Synology Media Server. Somehow I feel my problem has more to do with the Naim app than the NAS, otherwise hard quitting the Naim app shouldn’t resolve anything.

One of the things I’m observing is whether the recent firmware update is also causing some odd issues. On my iPhone, I have deleted the app and then re-installed it after the firmware update and so far I have not observed this dis-appearing files issue (yet). Fingers crossed :sweat_smile:

Yes that’s another path, but I use Folder very rarely only for selecting MP3

It not the Naim app. The app is a bit dumb & can only read & display the data it’s supplied by the server.
Try Asset, it just does it all so much better & you will soon find how basic Syn Media Server is


I use the Asset UPnP server and didn’t use my NAS drive for several months as was busy listening to Internet radio, my CDS3 and LP12.

Had to uninstall and reinstall Naim app and then things have taken a few days to work.

I can navigate the NDS and everything is there on the NAS so I can manually toggle from there. But the Naim app is very random from my experience!

Is your system wired or wireless ?
What rev number is your app

It’s app version 2.20.0. Wired connection going through Cisco 2960 switch.

Ahh Android
Rev 2.21 should be out of beta & released soon, hope it works better for you.
I have to say my iOS app has been very stable, despite that some other beta testers are not happy.

The Naim app for my system seems to be worse as the updates go on. Maybe it’s better for the newer players rather than legacy products. The NAS connects to the NDS itself no problem and can navigate everything that way. The App itself seems to be the problem.

Good job I have a CDS3 and LP12. Otherwise I would be wound up. Unless it’s because the NAS isn’t been used so much?

Anyway, all working tonight so far which is fantastic!

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