Naim app on Amazon

Sorry I know this has been discussed previously.

I want to download the Naim app to an Amazon Fire tablet. I see from searching other archived threads that this can be done by downloading something called an APK file but I havent a clue what that is or how to do it.
Can anyone help?

APK = android packaged file. It’s the equivalent of a windows exe file. You’ll need an apk installer app.
The apk for the Naim app is the first link in google with the keywords “Naim app apk”.
Also read up about side loading apps on Amazon devices. Depending on how new it is, the more locked down it is. ie I understand installing google play store on the current devices isn’t possible. On the older ones, once you have google play store things become easier.


Exactly, same for DJI drone SW for android devices.

Crikey guys, youve lost me already! :joy:

Could someone explain how to do it in simple language for dummy’s like me?

Let me google that for you

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Thanks Robert I will have a go later

Whilst you can install the Play store on a Kindle it’s a bit involved and I found that on my Fire 8 it slowed it down somewhat.

There is another way!

The easiest way to do this is to first obtain the Naim application as an APK file.

If you have another Android device with the Naim app already installed then you can use an APK extraction tool on the device that has the app already to extract and save the APK file.

I’ve used APK Extractor before and it’s available in the Play Store.

Once you have the APK saved you need to get it on to your Kindle Fire. Use something like Dropbox or even email it to yourself.

Out of the box the Kindle (and most Android devices) will block installation from unknown sources so you need to enable this before you can open and install the APK file.

To do this

  1. Open the Settings app on your Amazon Fire device.
  2. Select Security & Privacy (some models may label it Security).
  3. Hit the Apps from Unknown Sources option. …

Now open the APK file from Dropbox/Email and follow the prompts to install.

Bear in mind that the app won’t automatically update when a new version is released so you will need to do this again when Naim release a new application.

See post 2 and the reply; I think getting google play store installed might just be more palatable to the “op”!
For everyone else; install using the apk file which is easily obtained online.

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