Naim App on Android - iradio issue - help!

Hi all - just after a bit of help with this one please - I have a Google Pixel 3 XL and use the Naim app to manage a Muso Gen 1 and a Muso Qb gen 2. The app is a little flaky, losing connection a bit too often but bearable.

My issue is that when I select iradio for the Muso it goes to BBC stations list and there is no way of getting back up the tree to then explore the other choices. I can only go back to the home menu and start again, trapped it seems in an infinite loop. I can used the saved stations which is fine 90% of the time but I can’t explore the wider world.

On the Muso Qb things work a little differently. I select Internet radio and get to the next menu of favourites, added stations, most popular stations etc etc. That is good. But whichever option I choose the journey is one way – I cannot go back up the tree as no back arrow. I have to go home and start again. Which is slightly better than the Muso gen 1 as it starts at the top level.

Didn’t operate that way before – but not sure when things changed. No sign of a back arrow. And no gestures work.

Naim support advised some root level config measures on the phone but surely there is some kind of mismatch between the Naim app and the android o/s, that Naim needs to fix?

Anyone else seen this and been able to resolve? Am I missing something obvious?

Thanks in advance kind people, Mike

Hi Mike,

Have you enabled 3 Button Navigation in the System Navigation setting under Accessibility in your phone settings?
That should give you your back arrow.
I personally can’t get on with gestures!


Thanks Neil v helpful and can’t believe I didn’t find it myself. What a numpty!

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