Naim App Qobuz problem

Hi I hope you can help. I have an NDX2 being controlled by an Android tablet. Both NDX2 and Naim app are on the latest updates.
On the Naim app my streaming input is set to Qobuz. When navigating within the app I can easily select the tabs for tracks, albums, and playlists. However when I select the artists tab on the app it won’t scroll and the app becomes very slow and laggy, it’s almost impossible to scroll through artists. Does the forum have any idea why this may be happening? Thanks.

I had first installed the app before the latest update, on a Samsung A tablet from 2019. It was super bad, app being unresponsive for often 30 seconds after waking up screen. This is on a Nova. Also similar to what you describe, within the Naim area of the app it was better, but Qobuz scrolling or anything that involved actions on the Nova (volume, change track) was barely usable.

After the latest app update around the middle of September not much of a change initially, but it improved after doing a reset from within the app settings. However, it still can have up to 10 secs lag after waking up until something happens. Once it does, it is reasonably responsive, though there is still the odd second that it needs to change the volume, but not always

I contacted Naim support while figuring out the above. Before I discovered the reset by accident and while it still had regularly a 30 sec lag or more, they had me do a network scan from within the app and send it to them. Then they suggested it might be caused by my network (questioning the number of devices the scan had detected, but actually there were not that many and also the scan had detected some twice and listed some that had not been on the network in months - probably still in the router’s local DNS) which frankly made no sense at all. After discovering the reset and reporting the improvement they seemed satisfied, so it seems that the remaining lag is how it is.

I tried to enable the “stay connected” in the app settings. This makes it react faster but for the price of the tablet screen always staying on when the Naim app is in the foreground, so it drains the battery in a day.

I borrowed an iPad mini from the dealer to compare and there was absolutely no difference (neither in the dealer network where I played around for a while nor after taking it home). They also have “stay connected” on, and the screen then also does not shut down on the iPad.

The router I have is the Vodafone standard cable router, which is known to be not the greatest. Although it is in sight, the mobile devices rarely manage a 5GHz wifi connection, just 2.4 most of the time. However, this router is probably in millions of German homes and good enough, my network is simple, I am the only user, the Nova is wired through a switch with good cables, and I can watch Full HD TV over the same switch without problems.

I have just switched the internet service from 50 MBit/s to 250 and will change the router to a high-quality (Fritzbox) over the weekend. This is for different reasons (simply a good offer costing not much more than before), but we will see if it changes anything

Edit: I previously used the BluOS app to control two different BluOS streamers in the exact same network on the same device, and it was always quick and responsive whatever I did, e.g. when dragging the slider in the app the volume on the devices changed in real time, not a second or two later like with Naim app and Nova. The screen went off and the battery lasted a week.

And contrary to the system in my profile, the NDX2 is not yet installed, still using the Nova. The NDX2 will go in in a few weeks, so this is another thing we will see about

Update: as expected no significant change after router change to the Fritzbox (the tablet now connects with 5 GHz and 380 MBit/s to the router) and 250 MBit/s internet upgrade

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