Naim App Question #2

What do people do when they have two Naim streaming devices and want to control both them from the same device playing a different source?

I’ve got a NSC-222 downstairs playing music controlled by my iPhone.

I’ve got a Mu-So V1 in the upstairs bedroom and wanted to play some music while I had a shower, I have to turn off the NSC-222 to control the Mu-So using my iPhone.

I’m not sure why you need to turn anything off? Maybe I’ve misunderstood but I can switch from controlling my NSC 222 to controlling my Mu-so Qb (2nd generation) or the other way around leaving either unit happily playing. This is on a mixture of Tidal and Internet Radio sources. What sequence are you going through to turn either of your units off? This is using my iPhone.


Dooh never mind, problem exists between user and iPhone :smiley:

Didn’t realise the device name was clickable at the top.


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