Naim App Question

The plot thickens.


I use an SSD plugged straight into Atom and can’t replicate this. So looks like an interface with an external server as the issue

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The plot thickens again!

Just to let you know that Naim are on the case. Although it’s not important, it would be good to have it fixed.

Many thanks for the update. Totally agree, not a huge issue but one I’m sure they would want to solve.

Do you have some sort of direct connection to Naim? Just curious as to how you got them to address this?

Thanks again.

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I’m just a member of the Beta group, which tests the firmware and apps before general release. We are not permitted to discuss what is going on, just in case you ask (!) but I thought it worth letting you know that the issue you found is being looked at.

Thank you so much sir. Nice chatting.

Official path is to submit support tickets to Naim.
Then it’s in Naim to see, how/when/where they put it on the backlog for the development and support teams.

By default, things (only) discussed on the forum don’t make it into their work list.

In this case, it’s being looked into and there is no need for @Shpongle to do anything more.

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