Naim App Question

Very difficult to explain this issue but I’ll try,

I’m using the app in conjunction with Asset. I’ve ripped all my CDs to a hard drive which is connected to my computer. I stream music to my Naim streamer using the Naim App.

So when I’m using the app and I’m viewing a list of albums, there are some viewing options. If I choose the A-Z option and Server Default with the green arrow pointing upwards, I see a perfect list of my albums. If however I choose the A-Z option but choose the green arrow pointing downwards, I see a list of my albums again and again separated by each letter of the alphabet. So I see all my albums in reverse alphabetical order followed by the letter ‘Z’ then I see them all again followed by the letter ‘X’ etc etc.

Also, I used to be able to see the letters down the right hand side to enable me to find an album quickly but now all I see is a list of dots?

Anyone able to throw any light on why, when I choose ‘Default Server’ with arrow pointing down, I see all my albums 26 times? Once for every letter of the alphabet?

This happens in which ever search mode I’m using. Artists, Albums or Title. Server Default arrow pointing up……all is fine……arrow pointing down is when I see everything repeated.

Hope I’ve explained this correctly! :crazy_face:

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With A-Z selected you get the letters down the side, and can show the albums A-Z or Z-A.

With server default you just get dots, and can show the albums A-Z or Z-A.

That’s how it is for me, using Asset, and that’s how it should work.

Hi. Yes, I see the letters down the side when I choose A-Z option. Thanks for that. But I still don’t understand why, when I choose Server Default with arrow pointing down, I get my albums listed in reverse order (Z-A) 26 times!!! Once for every letter of the alphabet. If I choose Server Default with arrow pointing up (A-Z) I just see them listed once, which is what I’d expect. That’s my main question here.

Do you hzve personalised configurations in the Asset browsing options? I wonder if clearing rAsset back to defaukts might help or some other form of Asset reset

Try using the Folders and filenames search option. It presents your music library exactly as you filed it. Works for me.

Where is the folders and file names option?

I don’t have any personalised configurations. Where do I go to reset Asset?

It’s just a bit weird that when I view it A-Z in Server Default it’s fine but when I view Z-A I see my albums listed as I say 26 times? Each time separated by a different letter of the alphabet. So I see my albums listed
Z-A then I see the letter Z, then my albums are listed again followed by a Y and so on. It’s no big deal because I can simply list them A-Z and it’s fine but it’s bugging me.

Android or iOS?
Versions behave differently sometimes. Might help people to test, if they see the same or not.

IOS. It happens whatever I choose to search. Artists, Albums, Title etc etc.

Yes, it would great if someone could try it and see what they get. At first sight it looks ok, but when you start scrolling through all the albums, when it gets to the end, they start appearing all over again.

Ive just tried it, and exactly the same thing happens. In server default, with the arrow set so that the albums etc are sorted Z-A, when you get to the bottom the list starts again, over and over.

It’s most odd, but I’m not worried as I use A-Z anyway. It’s much easier with the letters down the side.

Hi. Thank you so much for taking the time to try it. At least it’s not just me. Yes, I agree, I use A-Z with the letters anyway but I was just curious as to why it happens.

Thanks again my friend.

It is indeed very odd. I’ll mention it in the beta group so the app developers can maybe take a look at it.

That’s very kind of you. I wasn’t sure if this is an Asset UpNP issue or an issue with the Naim App? Would you be able to let me know what they say?

Many thanks

Of course. I said in my message to them that it may be the App, or Asset. But it’s strange that one way it’s one set of albums, the other way it’s 26.

Yes, it’s a complete set of all albums for each letter of the alphabet. When I try it with my small collection of classical CDs it doesn’t repeat as much. I think that is because there are some letters of the alphabet where I don’t have CDs that begin with that letter, if that makes sense?

I just counted. On my Naim App, it repeats 25 times. This is because I have no albums that begin with the letter X. How bizarre!!!

You must be really bored!! It’s interesting though, and as I’ve copied this thread to Naim it will give more to go on.

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Not bored…….but I’m retired! :joy: Glitches bug me.

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I don’t think it’s Asset specifically. I’ve just tried and the same thing happens with MinimServer.