Naim App requires Internet connectivity

So the internet is down due to a street-side cable fault and won’t be back until sometime Monday at the earliest.

The Naim App, on Android, refuses to find the NDX2 or Nova.

The internal network is working fine. Some devices I know rely on connectivity are bricked, like the Blueair air filter. Hue lighting is accessible via the app as normal.

I’m a tad shocked that Naim has developed this dependency into the app.

Does anyone know any tricks around this?

Roon is also bricked, which surprises me less, more disappointed on that front. But for Naim to not work, just utterly gobsmacked… :pensive:

You could try a router shutdown for 5 mins

The Naim app does not require internet to work, it just needs your internal network and wifi. Quite why it won’t work I’m unsure. Maybe swiping the app off the screen and reopening it will do the trick if a router restart doesn’t get it going.

I had the internet down for days a while ago and didn’t have this issue, it’s not inherent in the app. I am also using Roon and it didn’t have the issue either, and it’s known for a fact that it doesn’t (it only needs to be able to ping Roon on the internet once in 4 weeks for license check). The problem is something with your network, try router reboot as others wrote.

Regarding internet, depending on your phone plan you may be able to configure your phone as a wifi access point, then you can configure other devices to use the phone for internet over wifi

I remember once that in a UK holiday rental where I had taken my Qb and Core along, the Qb would stop playing while the router went through a regular routine of trying to reconnect to the rubbish BT internet service. It seemed that the switch in the router didn’t work during the prolonged restart. I remember at the time someone on the forum suggested that next time I took a switch with me too!

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Yes, a number of the bundled routers do this I’ve found. A switch is a good idea here.

Thanks for this.

The personal hotspot route doesn’t work for the home network and I got rid of the MiFi hub during a clearout. :frowning:

Resisting the temptation that life is too short I did investigate. :slight_smile: Turns out neither Android or iOS are good at handling a blackholed default gateway. Android is just utterly atrocious and it seems to throw the entire network stack out of sync. iOS is better but far from consistent and nowhere near as good as Windows or Linux.

That said, iOS without mobile data active everything that is confined to the local network works as expected, as soon as the mobile data is turned on things go a bit sporadic. :frowning:

Until Monday and the fault fixed, and buying a new MiFi hub at some point! :slight_smile:

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Throwing out some gear that is surely not needed anymore has a high chance of getting into a situation where it is :face_with_head_bandage:

That said, when I had the outage I didn’t have to make any changes in the network, using Android on mobile, Linux on the laptop (with Roon remote under Wine), and Roon Rock on the core. Maybe your router not handling it well?

That the only thing not happy is the Sony Android says to me that’s the root of the problem. Everything else is ticking along as I’d expect, allowing iOS behaviour.

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Roon should not be bricked by loss of internet connection. It should still work for local files.

We had an internet outage lasting a day here not so long ago. Naim app on Android was happily streaming from the NAS to ND5 XS2 all the time it was down. I use a 3rd party Billion router, whether that makes a difference or not I’m not sure.

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