Naim App Uniti Core trouble

This issue is ongoing for me, just wondering if there is a fix I’m missing or if it is just a buggy app?

My Uniti Core is connected to my home network via an airport express. Several times a week, and often, frustratingly, while I’m using the Core to listen to music, I suddenly have an issue whereby the app “can’t find” the Core. It seems to be triggered if I want to switch from one album or track to another after I’ve started listening. I can fix the issue if I unplug the Core and then plug it in again. Hardly a workable solution.


It’s a problem with your airport express losing the network. You really should connect the Core to the router with an Ethernet cable and it will then work as it was designed to. In any case it’s not a Core or app issue.



Thanks for the reply.
You could be right. However I would note that B&O products, connected to the same network in the same manner don’t suffer with this issue. It is exclusive to my Naim app and product. I would suggest that in many homes it is not always feasible to have the Core close enough to your main router to hardwire it in. The airport express is a reasonable and far less expensive solution, as opposed to having an extra connection put into your home or running a cable from the router to another floor or room and all that goes with that (drilling holes, caulking and so on). IMHO this should have been taken into account at the design stage. Again, other equipment runs just fine off an airport extension, but not the Core or the app.

It’s often the case that one product, eg Sonus, works and Naim doesn’t. This is because Sonus use their own proprietary protocol and likely B&O do too. Naim used published standard protocols and that does rely on the network devices that could be made by anybody of course, implementing the standards properly. Apple networking products, all of which have been discontinued by Apple, are not always exemplary in that respect.

Anyway the best advice if you can’t run in an ethernet cable, or maybe try another more modern wireless access point, would be to call Naim support and see whether they have any ideas.

I hope you get it resolved anyway.



Thanks David.

I didn’t realise that Apple’s networking products weren’t regarded highly, nor was I aware that they’d be discontinued. Bad news for me in that, in my setup, the Core does run off an Airport Express connection.

And, not to be all negative, this is an annoying niggle. My Naim system sounds amazing. It’s the best stereo I’ve ever had and I enjoy listening to music on it every single day. Fantastic sounding.

I think the Apple Airport products were very good in their day, although more recent products can give better performance. They have got many a Naim streamer user out of a tight spot over the years as a way of bypassing the low performance WiFi modules they used to fit, and many people still get good use out if them today.

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