Naim app update 6.5.0

Is anyone else suffering problems with the latest version of the Naim App for iOs?

I updated to version 6.5.0 and now my NDX2 will not find any of our gen 1 Musos (wired or wireless).

Also, all of said Musos cannot download the list of i-radio stations.

No problem here, all woking fine

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Thanks for confirming.

My problem must lie elsewhere and my problems are purely coincidental.

How I hate chasing IT network issues.

I worked in IT Support all my life, so didn’t mind it too much when at work, however I really really hate IT issues at home. Probably a full power down with an unplug may be needed. Good luck


I had issues with this version, too. Had to power down everything (NDX2, router, phone) and power it all back up. Took a couple of minutes but it seems to be OK now.

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I have just done the same.
and had to reset the NDX2 twice and full functionality has now returned

Thanks for sharing the solution.

As I advance through life, the more is dislike anything that requires software to operate.

Back to playing records and tapes I guess.

Do you mean reset, or restart?

I have always reset rather than restarted - I only discovered the method of restarting just now after you mentioned it.

Oh for the days when equipment was sent out with detailed manuals, but I understand they now become irrelevant as firmware updates add, change or remove features.

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All working fine on my Star

That’s why I don’t update. The old if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it mentality. The last update I did was at least 6 months ago.

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