NAIM app volume control

So I’ve got the volume control showing under the page for an individual track (minus sign/speaker symbol/plus sign), but it doesn’t function.

Also, I’m curious that it doesn’t appear at a ‘higher-level’ in the process but as an adjustment to an individual track, although of course, it would be nice if it worked at all…

Any solutions? :confused:

What streamer and preamp are you using? The +/- volume control is used when ‘system automation’ is enabled and an RCA to 3.5mm jack cable connects the two boxes (as opposed to the slider control for all-in-one boxes) so maybe you haven’t set this up? This assumes you are not using the variable volume mode, and have the streamer in fixed volume mode as recommended for best sound quality.
Back in the day when Naim produced proper manuals, this explains how to set it up:

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Cheers buddy. The streamer is a ND5XS with 282 preamp. So…

Anyway, I wouldn’t fancy all that buggering about with RCA phono cabling, but I was curious as to what difference the digital volume control might make to the eventual analogue sound.

Hey ho. :slight_smile:

The cable you need is a very cheap, thin one that connects the streamer to the preamp, so it’s not a big deal to set it up. Having said that, you can still use the streamer remote to control the preamp volume without it, just not the app, so if you’re happy with that, just leave it.
This still controls the analogue volume pot on the pre, so you are not resorting to a potentially inferior digital volume control.

The volume control is not for individual tracks - it’s a controller for the pre-amp’s manual volume, via the system automation.
As @ChrisSU noted - all you need is a cheap (EUR 2 cable) and you’re set.

Mine cost 65p!

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Mine was free - found an old cable at home :slight_smile: 2 RCA into mini-jack and used one of the ‘channels’ :slight_smile:

My dealer gave me one when I bought my 282, which was very generous of him, but it was too long, so the 65p purchase was an attempt to tidy up the cable dressing mess. I have now ditched both of them, and just use the volume controls, as I can reach it from the sofa, and it’s easier than the buttons on the app.

I use Roon now, but have found that I can open the Naim app while Roon is playing and use the volume control via the Naim app to do the ‘system automation’ based volume control on my 252.

Yes, that still works, so you just need to switch apps, just in case it’s too much trouble to pick up a remote, or, perish the thought, turn the volume control knob!

When I first started with Roon I was keeping the Naim remote around, but this is easier. To be fair, remote volume control gets used pretty much only when we’re listening from the next room over.

I connected an old cable I had to hand I used to use to connect an iPhone to a portable speaker, nothing fancy as others point out. In my case I have an ND5 XS 2 connected to a SN2 so there is no RCU or front panel display on the streamer, this just means I don’t need to use the SN2 NARCOM to handle volume control and can do it all in one place via the Naim iOS app. I would point out that I tend to tap the + rather than press and hold it as it tends to increase the volume fairly quickly so can catch you out.

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