Naim app VS BluOS?

I have owned a Naim streamer(s) for 5 years. I always thought the Naim app was great and easy to use. I would have a hard time suggesting improvements.

Recently, Darko in a video compared the Naim Uniti Atom to a NAD all in one. He praised the NAD’s BluOS app, and said something like, the Naim app just doesn’t do it for him.

This surprised me! What is it about BluOS that is so great? Do others who have used both apps concur? Any thoughts on how Naim can make their app better?

The BlueOs is simply the best app to use.

There is only one thing missing for me and that is the ability to program a remote button for the sleep timer.

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I’ve never used the Blue OS app, but I have been using the Naim streaming app for over 6 years and, while it’s not perfect, it works fine and gets the job done! Honestly, I can’t stand all of the bells and whistles that come with so many streaming platforms. It can get a little overstimulating. Naim’s app ain’t flashy, but it sounds great, is stable and is fairly intuitive once you’ve spent about 10 minutes with it. But then again, I still have a Hotmail account and no social media accounts, and still read books made of paper!

Now get off my lawn!!!

LOL. I have nothing against the Naim app having not had the need to use it.
The BlueOS though I have compared with the Sqbx remote ( not an app as such) , the GoldNote, Lumin, and Auralic. It is the best of them in its ease of use.

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It does not sound at all because it is not involved in the signal in any way. Just saying.

I used the BlueOS and the Naim apps for a short time more than a year ago and I don’t like either much. On Android, the BlueOS one is more polished if I recall correctly.


Both apps are great but where the Naim app scores is with internet radio.

I use Naim, BlueOS and LightningDS, (Auralic.) I like the Naim app best because it is the easiest to see. It does all the basics well and the internet radio is very good. Blu and DS both work fine, but are a little fiddly for me.

I think the Naim app is good. At least it’s somewhat intuitive to use. Just by saying the BlueOS is better doesn’t explain why it’s better.

I’ve only ever used the Aurender app, and that is horrible. You have to move your selections to a queue, and then click on it again to play it. And when it’s done with the queue, it starts playing from the beginning again. Why would I want to hear the songs again? So annoying.

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The Bluesound App is fast, fluid, and better looking than Naim, the experience of using it is better.

The Naim app serves the Naim streamers but could be better looking. The search in blue os is very good, there are more but I do not use the Naim app that much more than updating the firmware of the streamer, opted for roon.

Also the Bluesound offers more connection to server options, for example direct access to network drives without the need for upnp server.

I used the bluOS app for some time before switching to Naim. I cannot remember any feature I miss. The strength of the bluOS is the services the ecosystem supports not the app as such.
Just because a youtuber says something does not make it true or relevant it is just a statement that others can find on youtube. In hhifi this small group of super youtubers is much overrated and should not be taken as any authority on anything.


Roon beats them all.


Should do at the price.

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