Naim Apple app does not find Uniti Core on 1st attempt

On Apple devices (iPad, iPhone), the Naim app does not find the Uniti Core on the first attempt. After timing out (~30 seconds), on refresh the app finds the Uniti Core immediately. The problem reoccurs after not using the Core for a few hours.

I have been having this problem for over 6 months. The modem and router are state of the art. Have tested with no other devices connected to the network with the same result. Technical support provided by US distributor has been unable to resolve. If anyone else is having this problem, I would appreciate hearing about it.

Note: The problem does not occur using the Android app.

I haven’t seen this problem although my Core is always the last room to show up, a few seconds after the other rooms. But you could speed things up if you wanted. In the rooms screen in the IOS app, you can pull down the screen and release it and this initiates a new search for rooms immediately.

Note this is a pull down and release of the screen, not a swipe from above the screen which just brings the notifications screen into view.



Report it direct to Naim support as I have the same issue. Hopefully it will escalate a fix!! :wink:

I’ve the same problem.

Have the Same issue. I will be calling the NA tech support after the holiday break.

Same on both my Star and MuSo on both Apple and Android devices.

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