Naim ARO - cartridge question

Hi fellow Naim fans.

I’ve gone vinyl. Probably 20 years late, but nevertheless.
Being a Naim fan, what better purchase to make then a pre-loved LP12, equipped with Armageddon / Prefix K / HiCap and… a Naim ARO.

Now, there’s an incredible amount of info I can find on the beforementioned components, but my gear was delivered with a cartridge that I can’t seem to find any additional information about.

Any ideas? Someone?

Looks like Benz Micro Ace? Have a look at some web pics.

Or a Benz of some sort, noting the yoke and where the serial number is.

Certainly looks like a benz, perhaps with the body removed.

You’re probably right. Looks like it belongs to that family at least. Although I can’t find a version with a black base.

This one looks quite close - if I consider the base may be have been spray-painted black (so the name disappears) and with the transparent body removed.

Thanks your your expertise, I will certainly need it again :slight_smile:

Definitely a Benz of sorts I had a Micro Benz Wood SL for 3 years and the internals look exactly the same. Moved on to a Kiseki Blue NS an excellent cartridge.



Yes, the Micro Benz Wood SL seems to be the one - without the actual wood then. That would explain the black inside, and the fact it has no signature (but still a white serial nb).

Thanks for the Kiseki Blue tip - I’ll give this Micro Benz a run first, and we’ll see if it’s still doing OK…

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