Naim ARO earth wire

The black earth wire has become detached from inside the ‘bell’ of my ARO tonearm and I would like to know if anyone has had experience of this problem? Also it looks like it might have been soldered in place originally can anyone confirm how it is attached please? Thank you.

If I remember…it’s soldered to a steel rivet that is fixed into the side of the alloy bell housing

Thank you. It looks soldered but I wondered if the silver loaded paint was involved?

It’s soldered to a tag but the tag is attached to the inside of the azimuth weight stub by the nut that retains the stub.

This one from the last couple of years of production.

Thank you for the info.

My memory is not so good then …

So you should have a tag that it has broken off from …an easy repair then

Thank you all. I will have a go soon. I have just rearranged my listening room - that trebles as a lounge and dining room too - and today I will hear the initial sounds of my efforts…still fine tuning may lead back to its previous glories.

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