Naim as karaoke base?

Ever had that moment where you wondered why you spent all that money?


The veil was lifted…

That could be dangerous in the wrong hands. :scream:


Oh yes been there! :joy:

I hope the ladies have good bass to justify the isobariks.

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…great strategy to get family buy in upgrading the system! :wink:

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That picture strikes fear into me as a B&W804 owner, when I bought mine the dealer seriously told me to warn people at parties that the tweeters weren’t karaoke mikes.


Oh yes - the tweeters on my 804s have only narrowly avoided being picked up as microphones. ISTR someone on the old forum relating exactly this happening during an after-hours party in his sitting room.

Would love to know how often B&W’s service department has had to pick up the pieces from this exact problem.


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