Naim at the Hut, but no internet

My plan was to use the spare Atom/ Iota at our hut. There`s no internet there, it may be available, but we have decided 4G from smartphone is enough for now.

I have tried Atom with shared internet from my phone, after several attempts I manage to get it connected and then it works fine. Still, it`s quite unstable and my wife will never use Atom that way.
I wonder if I should sell it.

I purchased a second hand Nait 5i-2 the other day and connected it to a Beresford dac I had in the drawer. Used this way, we can connect our phones by cable (lightning to usb) and stream from there. iradio, Tidal. I may also put a cd player in there and I already have a recordplayer with an inbuilt riaa.

By the way, Nait- Beresford- Iota sounded pretty good to my ears :grinning:

Any other suggestions to how I can come around the internet thing, something I have not put into this? Thanks in advance!


I would use the Chromecast, Airplay, or if all else fails bluetooth to play music from your phone? Seems much easier than shared Internet (hotstpot).

Thanks for reply!
I`m not sure how this works. Can I stream from phone, via Chromecast or Airplay to Atom, via Bluetooth, without having internet, 4G on the phone only?


Bluetooth definitely, although that doesn’t have the best sound quality.

Chromecast and Airplay will require you to be on the same WiFi network, but (I haven’t tested this) shouldn’t require an actual Internet connection.

And, last but not least, if your phone has a headphone socket you could get a mini-jack to RCA cable.

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If you have an iPhone you could connect an Apple Camera adapter via lightning to it and use a usb to RCA (or 5 pin Din) from the camera adapter to your Atom. If the Atom has Din inputs then Flashback will make you a USB to RCA or DIN cable.

I keep a rotating selection of CD quality albums on my phone and usually plug in the camera adapter and an Audioquest Dragonfly Dac to that and then plug my Bose Quiet headphones inTo the dac for listening when travelling. Of course you wouldn’t need the Audioquest Dac if using the Atom but you could go this way if using an amplifier such as Nap 100 or 200

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As far as internet streaming 4G is fine, however just like with FM if you want to use it as a main internet source then you really need the correct 4G router with antenna. Smartphones don’t really cut it for this sort of use in many circumstances.
Huawei make suitable routers amongst many with connection to a 4G antenna … and antennas to mount in or outside your hut are like


When we had a short break at some Lodge in Suffolk in February, they use just as Simon explained for wifi in each lodge. Works a treat, and relatively inexpensive.


With apologies to tge OP for the aside: How much difference does that make compared to direct from iPhone? Bose QC with iPhone is my standard travel companion, and I have sometimes wondered whether worth adding a DAC, given that listening is rarely in perfect conditions (trains, planes or other noisy places that still have some audibility despite the excellent noise cancelling of the headphones). Of course academic at the present time!

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Thank you all.
It seems that this is as I suspected. For any use of wireless contact between phone and music, there has to be a Net of some kind. I will check out a 4G router, other stuff becomes to tricky for the mainstream.

S :grinning:

Apologies to Stover for replying to IB. Yes the Dragonfly certainly improves the sound - better bass, prat, instrument separation etc and also you can charge the phone while listening is the lightning port on the camera adapter.

However, as you know, the Bose are probably not the best noise cancelling phones and certainly it up to the standard of proper audio phones. I only have the ‘basic’ black Dragonfly and there are 2 higher spec versions in red and cobalt which probably sound better.

In summary I am very pleased with my set up for listening in noisy environments and even at home playing background music if someone has the tv on


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I use a Teltonika RUT950 4G router with the same 4G external antenna Simon posted above at my caravan using an unlimited EE data SIM I receive speeds of around 40mb down and about 20mb up.


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