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I wonder if there is any way to listen Atom with headphones? In my case (AKG K601 headphones), you can’t just plug in headphones straight to Atom because you have to turn volume up to 100% and with some records volume is still too low. In Atom there is only one output, preamp -output. Is there any way to use headamp connected to preamp output with Atom or any other solution or is it so, that you can’t use headphones with Atom?


Sounds like your headphones are hard to drive and you need a more powerful headstage and are not suited to the Atom. There are only preouts on the Atom and it won’t stop the output going to the speakers as it doesn’t turn off it’s internal amp at all. Your best to not use it I don’t on my mine as I find it very aemnic in to any headphones. So my headphone setups are non Naim and dedicated headamps. Naim to a head amp called headline but it’s needs a Naim powersupply and again it might not have the oomph for your cans and it won’t avoid the speakers still being active.

Check that the volume setting in the Naim app is set to allow 100% volume. By default they are set at 85% this may give you a little more headroom, but your better getting different headphones that are easier to drive.

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Thank you very much!
I was quite stupid :blush:. There were two audio settings: 1. Maximum volume and 2. Headphones max volume. Last one was set to 40%. I lift it and it solved every problem I ever had :wink:.

Thank you!



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