Naim Atom and Rega RS3 Speakers

Hi, I have come to be an owner of the Rega RS3 speakers and am currently looking for something to drive these. The Naim Atom has certainly piqued my interest but want to check whether this will comfortably drive the speakers?

My engineering knowledge is rather limited so I would be grateful for any confidence inspiring advice.

Thanks in advance.

I used them with a Rega Elicit before I moved on from Rega.

The Atom will have no problem at all driving your new Rega speakers.

Even the little Rega IO amp will be fine with RS3.

I used a Unitiqute on my RS3.

Rega loudspeakers are an easy load and works close to wall boundaries.

@magduncan Will you be using headphones? If so, you might want to consider the Atom HE.

Is the streamer in the HE version better than the non HE version?

The HE has no power amp, only a preamp and streamer, and headphones amp.
The Atom non HE is an integrated amp with a streamer.

@frenchrooster is the streamer of equivalent quality?

The streamer is the same. The preamp is different, and doubles up as a headphone amp.