Naim Atom and speakers or active ones

Hey guys!

I’m moving to a small flat, and currently using Atom with Klipsch Heresy III, but space is space… even Turntable must be keep in the storage room.

20sqm, what should I consider in terms of quality?

Atom plus Focal 906 or Audio Physic Step Plus, or just get KEF lsx, Wireless I or II or Buchard A500?

In terms of pure sound quality: Jazz, Bossa, Funk, Soul.

Really appreciate your advices.

Not too much room from back wall I meant where speakers will be.


You list some options yourself, I have used Neat Iota, Ophidian Mojo & Minimo, all physically very small but work excellent close to rear wall.
None of them will have the Heresy efficiency though.

I’m pairing some Proac Tablette 10 signature with Atom in a 10 m2 room. Neat iota alpha is also a good choice.

20sq metres! Your new accomodation doesn’t come with orange coveralls and a bunkmate called Bubba does it?

My flat in Hong Kong was bigger than that.

Can you hang anything on a wall? Thinking PMC Wafer might be a decent solution. Flat and flush with a wall and only a couple inches out into your precious space.

I meant, the tv room-kitchen. 20sqm.

Neat Iotas come ready for wall mounting. But with 20 sq m to play with I’d be looking at Iota Alphas, at least if 20 cm from the back wall is available. Neat speakers do seem to work well with Naim.


If space is that limited you could consider a Mu-so 2nd Gen and a head-fi system for quality listening.

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i meant 20sqm is the living room and kitchen, kef wireless ii, lsx or atom plus focal 906? don’t wanna spend more than 2.500€.

How are the Mu-So 2, QB2 ?

Muso is great. I have two Qbs. But they aren’t hifi. It’s a massive step down. A full width Muso is the same footprint as an Atom and two small speakers anyway. If you can wallmount speakers, you can do hifi with the same footprint as a Qb. So I’d suggest sticking with an Atom and auditioning something small.

Using Atom with ProAc Tablet 10 Signature and can vouch for it being a good pairing for a small room. Really good for jazz.

ok so seems to be Atom plus ProAc or Focal is better than Kef LSX/Wireless or Klipsch Fives.


I used Atom and Tab 10’s together in a small space and they are a dream pairing. You can put Tabs very close to rear wall. If space is very limited you can stick some Atacama isolating feet on them and put them on shelves - they still sound great

This was my experience/taste but you may think differently on listening. Atom +Focal/Proac would be a huge step up from Muso2/QB2.

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thanks guys, finally, have U ever listened to the KEF LSX or Wireless? compared with my setup.

@superelmar I bought a pair of KEF LSX last week, but sadly ended up returning them after a few days. I was using them on a desk, either side of a large monitor, streaming Spotify Connect. The sound was a good step up from my 20yr old Denon micro, but it didn’t blow my socks off. More detailed presentation with better separation of instruments, though it also felt less organic than my existing set-up and a little mechanical/digital. With more listening time I suspect I would have grown to appreciate the sound signature - it was a just very different to what I’ve been used to with the Denon.

Anyway, I was happy with the sound. The reason for returning them was that they had a constant high pitched whine from the master speaker which I could clearly hear when they were in standby or playing at low volume. Not only was this annoying, but it really aggravated my ears and ending up making them really quite sore. Never experienced anything like that before. I’m 46 yrs old, so don’t think there’s anything unusual about my hearing. My wife could also hear the high pitched noise, but only when she put her head right next to the speaker, so it didn’t really both her. After 4 days of trying to get over the high pitched squeal I gave up and returned them. Really disappointed with this as I liked the sound and had been planning on buying these for some time.

A quick Google seemed I’m not alone in having this problem with the KEFs. Not sure if they were faulty. Even if they were, I suspect their design will always make them susceptible to this kind of noise and I seem to be more susceptible to this than most. I’m going to stick with my 20yr Denon for the time being. Eying up an Atom and some new speakers for my study once it’s renovated in 12 months time. I expect the Atom and some Proac Tablette 10 Sig’s (or similar) to be considerably better than the KEFs, so looking forward to auditioning them once we’re out of lockdown.

By the way, if you’re looking for some KEF LSXs, they are currently available from Peter Tyson for GBP600 (manufacturer refurbished and available in most colours). Great deal…

Yes, I have listened to the KEF LS50 active. Quite lively but nowhere near as tight or sophisticated as the Atom + good bookshelves but then the KEFs are half the price.

thank U all! no more questions, Atom plus T10s or 906 :slight_smile:

Aii. Just too late then to throw in the PMC T5.21i? Works wonders in my 12 square meters study. I’m a sucker for PRaT and punch, and these little guys deliver just that. I’m taking the clear vocals as a bonus (transmission line leaves it largely uncolored). And the beautiful layering of instruments. And how it can stop on a dime. All that compared to the previous Emit 10 boxes… which one may say is to be expected. Despite some internet reviews stating otherwise, I find them to be fine close to (side) walls. During my pre-planned covid proof audition I rearranged the listening room to test just that.

If you have yet to audition any speaker, since you list Bossa/Jazz, one testing track tip: Daniela Mercury’s rendition of Aquarela do Brasil. I’m into hr 32 of run in time, and this track blew my mind with the new speakers. Beautifully recorded, and it pays off.

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