Naim Atom - flickering on and off


I was wondering if anyone was experiencing this problem.

I purchased the Uniti Atom some 4 months ago, all was fine until recently I’ve been having connectivity issues. Intermittent connection and cutting out for a second or two initially.

Then just today it has started to flicker on and off randomly and also hearing a very fainting hum coming from the device which throbs

Anyone have any idea what this might be, is the humming normal and has anyone else experienced connectivity issues described above.

A constant low hum is normal, but flickering and throbbing doesn’t sound right. I would get in touch with your dealer.

Thanks Chris, good shout.

Strange up until a few weeks ago it was flawless, I mean it was like an Apple product.

Recently however

The sound can sometime cut out for a few seconds (very annoying)
Doesn’t connect via spotify connect have to go into Airplay on Spotify
Randomly plays sound from Youtube when my son is on my phone

Overall just doesn’t feel as stable as it once did.

Sounds busted, take it back.

Spotify Connect sometimes causes upsets, especially if multiple users have played it. After someone has connected it to a device once, they can inadvertently do so again without being anywhere near your home.
Try getting all Spotify users to look in their app settings and tell Spotify to ‘forget’ your Atom just to be sure that this isn’t contributing to your problem, although it sounds as if you may have other issues too.

Will give that a go, it’s far to good a product to give up on so would rather get it sorted.

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