Naim Atom HE RCA output level question

With great joy I use my Naim Atom HE to drive a power amplifier connected to the XLR output and a subwoofer connected to the RCA output. In the settings menu of the subwoofer, I need to specify the ‘Source Output Level’. See below how this is described in the subwoofer’s manual:

#### Setting Input Sensitivity

The wide variety of possible source equipment types that can be connected to an active subwoofer means that it is important to set the input sensitivity appropriately. Doing so will help ensure that the subwoofer’s volume adjustment range is adequate and that its input and DSP electronics are driven properly.

If the source equipment has a published specification for output level, begin by setting the Sub 6 input sensitivity to match the specification as shown in this table:

|Source Output Level|Sub 6 Setting|
| — | — |
|<1.0 V|+6 dB|
|<2.0 V|0 dB|
|<4.0 V|-6 dB|
|<10 V|-14 dB|

The -14 dB sensitivity setting should generally be used when the Sub 6 is used for the LFE channel in a home theatre system.

If the source equipment has no published output level specification, begin by setting the Input Sensitivity to -6 dB. If then when in use the Sub 6 volume setting is required to be towards either its maximum or minimum values, adjust the Input Sensitivity appropriately such that the volume setting is towards the middle of its range.

What should I now choose as the RCA output level? Does anyone know what the output level of the Atom HE is in volts on the RCA output?



The Atom HE review on the Addicted to Audio website says:

The output at the RCA sockets with the volume set to 100 is around 4.4 volts RMS with a 1kHz sine wave peaking at 0dBFS. For a better match with other equipment such as CD players, set the output to an indicated 82. That gives pretty much spot on 2.0 volts RMS output.

Excellent! Thank you so much!

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