Naim Atom - how to view albums, sorted by artist?

This may be a beginners question, but I could not readily find a solution on this forum yet.

My Atom is connected to my music library on a QNAP NAS. When browsing in the Naim app I have the option to select view by song, artist, album, etc. When viewing by album, all albums are sorted A-Z by album name. However, I would like to see them sorted by artist (and then for same artist, by album name). Does anyone know how to do this?

Now, the only way to find an album is by knowing its exact name, and in practise you often don’t know that, and many albums of different artists have the same name (“the best of”, “greatest hits”, etc.). This is inconvenient.


This depends on which upnp server you are using, and how you have it set up. As you have a QNAP I’d suggest loading Asset, which can do what you want, and a lot more besides. How you configure the browse tree determines what the app sees.

Are you running a media server on your NAS? Popular ones are Asset UPnP (arguably easier to use) and Minimserver (steeper learning curve but great for classical). You will need to install one of these on your QNAP, tell it where your music is and let it scan your library. This should then appear in the Naim app and let you select albums by artist name, genre, album name etc.


Not sure what order you’re seeing these in but I hope this helps.

This helps. I am using the default DLNA server on my QNAP (I don’t think it has a name, just part of the QNAP installation).

I conclude I need to look at other music/media servers. What is most important for me is user-friendliness (like this sorting feature in my original post; good recognition of all metadata like cover art).

I now hear about Asset / Minimserver for the first time, so will look into those.

Which other servers can people suggest that are compatible with QNAP?

Asset and Minim are the two servers that are tried and tested for music, well supported by their developers, and known to work on QNAP, so I would stick with one of them. Asset us probably easier to set up.

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