Naim Atom or ND5 XS or N172XS with Michell Alectos

Naim Atom or ND5 XS or N172XS with Michell Alecto

I am looking at streaming options almost all of my listening is through my local library on my NAS or Tidal and Qobuz. As I spend a lot of time out and about and due to be in hospital for months my first thought was to match the Michell Alectos with the Chord Hugo 2 so that I have a very good portable option. My Michell amps used a Chord DAC 64 and matched up well.

The option I was looking at was to either get the ND5 or NAC N172 to marry the Michells or consider the Atom as a one box solution and consider a Hugo or Hugo 2 just for portable use. The alternative was adding the 2GO to the Hugo 2 as a streaming option but takes me over budget. I will be using PMC Twenty.22. I could also consider changing the Alectos for a Naim Amp but have really enjoyed the Alectos.

Reading through previous threads on the Atom and ND options I thought I’d ask some advice.

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