Naim Atom or Star

Hi guys; I was pretty settled on getting an Atom & pairing it with either ProAc DT8’s if they weren’t to big aesthetically for my room or the small bookshelf but excellent Harberth PS3’s (40th edition). However someone suggested I look at the Star as besides giving the option to play Cd’s (I probably have 150 I would also get much better quality sound through either of these speaker options. Has anyone any experience they could share with me. The Nova is another £700 on top and is probably just a bit to much for me if my speakers will cost £2000 + required cabling etc. Thanks in advance.

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HI Jon ! I used to have a musical fidelity amp which was fed by my musical fidelity cd Transport and Chord Dac. . I downsized to the Star and find it far superior , The sound stage is wide and detailed. It has given me back my enjoyment of music.
I don’t have fancy speakers just some Castle Stirling 2’s which I have had for about 15 years.

Try a Nova with Focal 906, superb combination.

There’s a mint used Nova on Pinkfish for £2800, bargain. Nothing to do with me, just saw it


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