NAIM ATOM Shutting Down


My NAIM ATOM has suddenly decided to shut down (sleep) after about 5mins

I am playing Amazon Prime via HDMI into the ATOM

The same thing happens when I am watching a Prime Movies and when I think about it also BBC Radio 5 sports app on my TV. I was listening to the match last week and I had to press the NAIM control every 5 mins to keep it awake. Any ideas what is happening or better still how do I fix it ?

What socket are you using on your TV?
Sounds like the TV is switching off the Naim via the HDMI.
Does it switch off when normal streaming on the Atom itself?


It does not switch off when streaming from my iPad, at least I don’t think it does, I’ll need to test

My Atom has also started to suddenly shut down when using the HDMI input … and only on HDMI. At first it was after a couple of hours, but now it happens sooner. Sometimes the Atom just “shuts” the HDMI input down, so I have to change the input to something else before I can reactivate the HDMI input. It is quite annoying. I don’t know, if it matters, but my Atom wasn’t born with an HDMI input, it was retrofitted.

I think this is one of the still unsolved issues with compatibility between Naim and some TVs.
I think the blame lies with the flaky protocols used by HDMI.
Your Atom is being switched off by your TV.
I think the retro fit issue is not relevant.

Try a different HDMI lead of a higher spec.

Try a forum search there have been many threads on this anomaly.

My TV is a C1 from LG (one of the biggest manufacturers of TV’s in the world). It strikes me as a bit odd, if there are compatibility issues here. My Atom hasn’t always shut down when connected to this TV … it started some months ago.

Perhaps an email to Naim support then.

The problem with connecting a TV is that HDMI is a very loosely applied protocol and TV brands implement it in all sorts of non-standard ways, sometimes with unpredictable results. Sometimes a TV firmware update can change the way it performs, possibly after an automatic update what you were not even aware of.
Many Naim users connect via optical SPDIF instead of HDMI. You lose a little convenience (automatic input switching, volume control via the TV remote) in order to gain stability.

My Atom started doing same and very recently, I’d hazard a guess at it being an LG firmware update, I also have an LG OLED in my Atom setup.
I set my Atom to never auto standby and HDMI switch on HDMI input only, was set to all inputs before.
The Apple TV via LG OLED turns the Atom on/off as expected now and it isn’t switching off when it shouldn’t do.
I use my Atom almost exclusively for audio output from an Apple TV 4K and over HDMI from TV. I’m using a Chord Company C-view 8K cable, 2m length.

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