Naim Atom supplied power cord for Italy?

Here is an interesting question. Does anyone have a photo of the power cord Naim supply with the Atom in Europe, specifically Italy? I am putting together a small system in Italy and am curious if the included power cord is a standard slim two prong or instead a SHUKO type - or perhaps even something else? Photos would be appreciated :smiley:

My Uniti Atom was delivered in Switzerland with a Schuko plug (type F, EU standard, see photo). I could have got a cable with a Swiss plug from my dealer as an alternative, but I decided against it because I also use a Schuko power strip.
I would recommend replacing the supplied Schuko cable with an aftermarket cable (with Schuko plug). I have had very good experiences with the Vovox Excelsus Power. It is not as expensive as a Naim Powerline, but in terms of sound it is a huge leap forward that I would not miss any more. With the supplied EU standard cable, the Uniti Atom falls short of its possibilities.

Thank you Wilfried
This confirms what I was just told by a stereo friend in Italy. He told me to make sure my room has this for an outlet


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