Naim Atom volume dial not responding

I’ve just noticed that the volume control on top on my Atom is not responding, it neither lights up or adjusts the volume when I use my hand.
I can still adjust the volume via the remote or the App.
I’ve tried turning the amp of via a long press of the power button, but to no avail.
I only noticed this since the last update a few weeks back, both Amp and App are up to date.
Has anyone experienced something similar or have any suggestions?
thanks in advance!

Yes, whether I use remote, dial or phone (with Tidal Connect), the volume doesn’t respond properly - it either leaps forward 4-5 notches then jumps back to where it was before or just doesn’t respond. There are now 4 threads on very similar volume issues. Hoping Naim sees this… Tried on and off many times.

Same problem. After using the phone app the volume dial freezes. Is works againn if you unplug the power but it will come back . Really annoying ! Naim please fix this !!!

If you want to fully restart any of the new Unitis, you have to do it by taking the power off completely, waiting a minute or so and then plugging the power in again. Anything you do with the front panel button just puts it into one or other standby states.

Naim don’t generally read forum posts, so if you want to draw something to their attention, you need to email or phone Naim Technical Support.

Don’t forget to say which version of the Naim app you are using because the android and IOS apps often behave very differently.


Proble solved after the last update :star_struck:

I noticed it does stop working, after i chamge the vokume withe the google home app

For me disconnecting from the power for a good 20 min corrected the problem!

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