Naim Atom volume dial not responding

I’ve just noticed that the volume control on top on my Atom is not responding, it neither lights up or adjusts the volume when I use my hand.
I can still adjust the volume via the remote or the App.
I’ve tried turning the amp of via a long press of the power button, but to no avail.
I only noticed this since the last update a few weeks back, both Amp and App are up to date.
Has anyone experienced something similar or have any suggestions?
thanks in advance!

Yes, whether I use remote, dial or phone (with Tidal Connect), the volume doesn’t respond properly - it either leaps forward 4-5 notches then jumps back to where it was before or just doesn’t respond. There are now 4 threads on very similar volume issues. Hoping Naim sees this… Tried on and off many times.