Naim Audio Uniti Star for second system

Greetings ‐ I’m considering the Uniti Star for a second system and im seeking guidance from the community.

I appreciate any feedback regarding the overall performance from current and past users.

I’m considering ATC bookshelf speakers. Does anyone have experience regarding the pairing?

Can anyone tell me what DAC chip is being utilized in addition how well is the onboard DAC performs playing CD’s and via the digital inputs?

Thanks you

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Hello Robert, thank you very much for the DAC specifications !

My Star was moved to my bedroom as a second system. Right now is driving a pair of Dali Zensor3 and soon will be replaced with Sopra1 when my Sopra2 arrive for my main system. I’m more of a “CD guy”, so I rip all of my CD collection into a Core. However there’re some CDs that’s just can’t be ripped somehow (either copy protected or just couldn’t be ripped for whatever reason), and that’s when the Star comes handy when I feel like listening to them.

But if you’re more into streaming or analog all the way, perhaps Nova would suits you better by its 10 wpc more power.

I use my Star in my second system and it is great there.
Personally, I have no idea what DAC is used or interest in this. What interests me is that it sounds good. It is my understanding when playing CDs, the Star in effects rips the CD to internal memory in the Star and then plays tracks as a stream. I have ripped and stored all of them and play CDs that way and am very happy with the SQ,

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The Star is great. Had mine for many years until it was gifted to my Son. Only thing was I needed a power amp as it couldn’t get the best out of my ATC SCM 19s on its own.

I had the Star paired with ATC SCM7, a great little system

Thanks you all for the positive feedback! Realizing the Uniti Star can rip CD’s to the onboard SD card, does it have the ability to rip to another outboard hard drive?

Yes.I’ve got a SSD connected to the backUsb port

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Personal experience (of a tech stutter😬), if you have big CD collection, better buy a Naim Core. I tried ripping with Star but too complicated (but it’s just me)

Thank you, Proterra.

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