Naim AV2 setup

Hi all,
I’m installing an AV2 into my system and retiring my 112x and flatcap2. I’m trying to figure out where to connect my ND5XS streamers din 5 pin output for highest quality stereo as there are 3 options.
(I will simply use the tv optical out for 2 channel stereo when watching movies etc).

thanks in advance.

You can use any of the three DINs, although if you intend to connect the Multichannel output of a DVD or Blu-ray player at some point then best reserve inputs 1 and 2 for that and so use input 3 for the ND5XS.

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Excellent ! I was initially thrown off input 3 because of the below quote from the manual

“The 5 pin din socket of input 3 also carries stereo audio outputs. Input 3 should be used to connect the av2 to an existing Naim system.”

Yes, had you decided to keep your NAC112x then you could connect it to the AV2 using input 3, but as you are using it as your only pre-amp then you can use input 3 as a regular source input.

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Thanks again, one more question and I’ll leave you be.
You mentioned in an earlier post regarding the av2’s “piggyback digital processing board” and past issues. Would it help to use the ND5XS as my DAC rather than the AV2 ?.

Ignore the last question. I’m gonna continue using the ND5XS dac seeing as it’s the newest out of the two.

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Yes, I’d go analogue into the AV2.

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