Naim Backup to external drive issue

The company I work for recently had a customer want us to rip all his CD’s. We used the unity core for ripping. I hooked up an external SSD to the core and then proceeded with the backup to external drive function within the Naim app. The app prompted me to format the drive for NTFS (even though it was already formatted for NTFS) which I of course did before proceeding with the backup. The app claimed the backup was successful yet the drive is not recognized by windows machines. We were hoping to take the drive back to the client to load all his music onto his network. Is this a common problem? Is there a step I missed or failed to do correctly? Should I just redo the music transfer again and see if it was just a bad backup?

Thank you for your help guys!

PS: Apologies if I posted to the wrong section of the forum.

I think it would be easier to find the Core music folder on a computer, connect the USB drive to that computer, and simply copy the rips to the attached drive just like any other file transfer.
Remember that if the user has non-Naim devices, they will probably be unable to see the metadata if you rip to WAV, so you should rip to FLAC.
Also be aware of any possible licensing implications you may be exposing yourself to, as if you are in the UK, ripping CDs is illegal. This is, of course, something that is rarely, if ever enforced for private use, but if this is a commercial use, that may be different.

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