Naim Black Friday Promotion in Canada - November 9-30, 2023

Currently, in Australia….

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A long way from the beginning of 2022 when Mu-so 2G went to something like £1549.

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I, for one, don’t believe that 500 units were ever made personally. There might have been 500 units sold to dealers at launch, but how many were actually allocated to the UK. The fact there wasn’t stock ready to go on the announcement date meant they must have been still building the initial order volume. I’d imagine fulfilling those 500 orders would have taken a long time. Probably long enough the initial sales volume and subsequent reductions in price meant dealers backing out of orders.

I’m in Toronto and the Naim Black Friday savings are quite substantial, some models discounted much more than others … I bought my 5si on Sept 1st of this year so I missed out on quite a large discount which is disappointing but I had no idea the sale was coming … live and learn

Addicted to Audio in Australia are offering 40% off the entire Naim range including the new amps and Statement.
I picked up a 252 and NDX2.
Quite a bargain.


That is quite an offer.
Dunno if this is fine with the naim idea … but why letting pass by

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