Naim Box Aesthetics - (when) will the design change again?

Naim has always had great box designs, and it’s what drew many of us to them. The CB is probably my favourite but I love all of them and would be delighted to own any.

The current classic design has been around a long time now. Any rumours of a change on the horizon? What would it look like…

Each generation has been markedly different to previous so be interesting to know their thinking on this. Not that they’ll tell us of course!

I would like to see a brushed aluminium option.


Not going to lie: I still love the Classic line. It haves an timeless design. Personally i don’t desire a change.


Bar the Atom the Unities are not the prettiest, hopefully the next generation will get a makeover. The classics although a bit dated have stood the test of time well.


Allow me to disagree:
I consider the design of Uniti a good one, although I recognize that it is a matter of taste.
Atom is one step above the others just because it is more symmetrical


Yep it’s down to personal taste I guess, I just find the Nova & Star, particularly the Nova, a bit unresolved as a piece of industrial design, those grooves don’t do it any favours, it looks like an atom with a bit stuck on, it generally lacks elegance.


Unfortunately i don’t remember the name, but there is a member on the forum who haves a photo in the system thread with a nova and a core . Work wonders: if you see, an atom is like a module. A nova/ star is two modules combined. The member in question bought the core and put it on the right side: seems three module design. Achieves symmetry

Bring back the CB with an illuminated logo!

Naim please don’t replace the classic case with the Nova design.


I put my hands on the fire if they did.
But they won’t: different type of target

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@HiFiman couldn’t agree more, a new CB range including new DAC, Amps, Streamer, Tuner etc would have me reaching for my wallet.


I think some of the common Statement, Uniti and to a lesser extent, Muso design features all give an indication of where Naim design is likely to be heading if the company follows on with this theme. Whether they do or head off in another direction is something we will have to wait and see.

My wish is that whatever the design arrives is that it is self-cleaning. Naim gear has always been a dust magnet in my experience.


You might like it, but timeless it is not, it’s very nineties looking.


As much as I love my CB kit, it is a nostalgia trip. The classic range seems to me to have a timeless aspect to it. Nothing outstanding, nothing fadish or shouting ‘fashionable’ about it. Suits me , sir.


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I very much like the Classic black look. So much so, I hope they change it soon so the secondhand market gets flooded by people upgrading to the new look and prices get nicely depressed for me to take advantage of.

(For the record, I still can’t believe the Olive look didn’t sink Naim due to its heart-stopping ugliness, especially after the wonderfully idiosyncratic and now-retro CB).



I had this set up for a while, they are in different rooms now: