Naim Burndy Length

Are all Naim Burndy’s the same length?

My original is around 2metres.

Just got one off eBay which says it’s genuine but only 1.2m.

I’ve only seen 1.2m-ish ones, I think. However, there are many more burndy types than I have seen.

In any case, it is in principle possible to order special lengths from Naim (which is not cheap and as far as I know they are a bit reluctant due to SQ concerns).

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Thanks that’s reassuring. The original sxps would be from 2003 so one of the first ones of the sxps.

Good news that it’s shorter as I could never work out how people kept their burndy’s off the floor.

Interesting that yours was so long. Wondering if that was standard at the time or they gave you a wrong one :slight_smile:

Got it secondhand about 5 years ago. Has sxps label with number 46 to it. I just assumed that was the standard length.

1.25m is standard length. There have been a few longer one-offs made though in the past. Maybe the one you bought was one of those.

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Thanks for confirming.

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