Naim cable fault

I brought a Naim 2 phono to 5 pin DIN from a reputable dealer in May 2017. The first quickly developed a fault and was replaced by the dealer.

Now the replacement has developed the same fault - a buzzing that changes tone when one touches the phono plugs. The cable has not been touched since the day it was installed, so I’m at a loss to understand why it has suddenly gone.

Have others had a problem with this cable? Wonder whether I should try the Chord version instead.

What warranty do Naim offer on cables?

Which cable is it? Standard, HiLine or SL? Either way, probably in warranty, so I would contact your dealer.

Might be worth investigating if there’s a soldering fault - a dry joint perhaps? I had this a couple of times with more sophisticated Chord a Company cables where the weight of the cable caused earthing issues due to failed solder joints.

It’s just the basic cable but still would expect better for £115

Must be bad luck. I’ve had lavender cables including Din to 4 phono for tape duties and none have misbehaved.

I had an SL on loan, it was buzzing, Sent back to Naim by dealer. The dealer may even be able to repair if its a std cable.

Agreed. I’ve got loads of Naim RCA to Phono cables and never had an issue with any of them.

However, I do wonder whether it’s the actual plug to socket interface that’s the problem, particularly as the fault has occurred without any disturbance to the i/cs. Some RCAs sockets seem slightly undersized so that the outer conductor on the Chord plugs that Naim use are sometimes a loose fit to the point where contact is poor and eventually you get a nasty hum. And connecting to WBT Next Gens can give similar issues - they’re best paired with the Next Gen Plugs. What is the unit the interconnect is connecting?

It’s going between a first gen Chord Hugo and 282

OK, thanks. I assume it’s not an early one as the Chord plugs couldn’t fit through the body!

Have you tried it on something else?

Richard, thanks for your advice. It is one of the later first gen Hugo’s with the bigger holes.

I’ve had a fiddle with it again. The very loud buzzing is only on one channel and if one gently touches the wire just before it enters the plug one can make the noise disappear The smallest movement and it reappears. So would appear to be a fault inside the plug itself?

I tried a cheap phono to DIN converter in the Hugo and it works fine, including if the wire is touched.

I also tried the Naim cable from a tuner to the 282 and get the same buzzing on one channel.

Do you know what warranty Naim offer?

Your dealer could probably repair it. Or any radio/TV repair place. It sounds like the screen on one channel needs resoldering. It’s a 5 minute job max.

Hi Michael, yes it sounds like there may be a wire loose inside the plug. I suggest you talk to the dealer who supplied the i/c - I don’t know Naim’s current warranty for cables (FWIW, your contract is through your supplying dealer, so they should be your port of call here), but I think they’re pretty good about repairing them without too much fuss when it’s definitely not a case of user abuse - if it’s within 2 years old I’d imagine you’ll be fine, but as I say, it’s best arranged by your dealer.

Many thanks Richard

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