Naim cables - £7255 - Shock!

I have just upgrades my system from a SN3 with HiCap DR to a NAC252, SC and NAP300 and was considering cable upgrades but £7255 for SL DIN to DIN and DIN to XLR in combination with 3 Poweline power supply cables coming in at £7255 for the set seems way over the top for them, after all this is the cost of a new small car, really is this justified for this level of system - maybe the 500 series of hardware or Statement but not the Classic series. Surely there must be better more cost effective solutions, or just don’t bother, I cannot justify this level of cost for cables and would need significant convincing. I have, hopefully, got my dealer to obtain some demo cables to have a listen but they would need to be pretty spectacular in a system performance uplift to justify. It may be that selectively upgrading only some of the cables may give 90% improvement but what is your experience, how did you justify the purchase and really hand on heart was it worth it and not just a placebo effect because it costs more. I’m sure the likes of Chord or others dedicated cable manufacturers could do more cost effective and better performing cables.

I’d be inclined either to stay where you are or look elsewhere. Although they tend to be (I didn’t really like the i/c) better than the standard cables, I wouldn’t regard them as vfm, particularly in comparison to others at a similar price.

Over to you AA :smile:

Hmmn…i have tried many cables in my 500 system recently. The Naim SL cables on their own, and then a full loom, and many other companies. It has taken many months! I pulled the full SL loom on sunday (£8k) at full prices…reverted to my Hiline, normal Naim connects and NACA5. It’s just not a big improvement for my money, for my room and my music.
Now sitting listening to the new Kudos KS-1 speaker cable on demo…not a full loom, rather happy with the uplift in sound to my NACA5.


You can usually find these gently used at somewhere around 50% of MSRP. I’d keep an eye open and pick them up when you see them.

I have the Naim SL full loom either sourced as ex demo from a dealer at a much reduced price or new.

On two occasions the dealers had just sold the ex demo cables but were able to source a new pair at ex demo prices. Worth calling around and seeing what they can do.

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IMO the SL are not worth the money at full retail price but, as others have said, finding good deals ex-dem or pre-loved they they are VFM. I paid around 50% for each of my SL leads and I’m happy with what they bring for the money.


I would try and demo True Signal audio cables , better band for the buck over SL

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I have upgraded through the Classic series, over many years, one rung at a time. For each upgrade I auditioned all the Naim options that were within budget, before committing my funds. I now have the same amps as you, but I also have Powerlines on everything and SL from CDS3 to 252. However, I’ve been adding these over the years, since I had a 202/200 combo. I’ve only had to justify, to myself, the cost of each item, for the difference it has made to my system at the time.
I’ve enjoyed the process of selecting and hearing the impact that each item has made, so I would recommend that you enjoy the significant change that you have already made, and when the system has settled down and you know its characteristics well, borrow the cables from your dealer and decide which ones earn their inclusion,


@mwomwell The clue is in your first sentence ‘I have just’ - perhaps letting it all burn in for a few months with the stock cables might stop you from considering spending more of your money so soon after the recent upgrade?

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I guess the time constraint at the moment is that I can get 50% off Naim accessories until the end of March for each piece of electronics that I have bought recently, so that covers 3 accessories, I.e 3 cable assemblies should I choose to go down that route. Yes you are quite correct my system will not have run in yet.


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True, that sort of financial incentive is always worthy, though it is likely that your new system is not at optimum yet. Therefore even if you try different cables now, you probably should let it settle down for a while to give you a better idea of what the cable change does. Also you might find in a few weeks that everything is on song and you can hold off the ‘upgrade’ for a later date/trial.

I have to agree with Geoff here (btw, lovely to see you earlier today Geoff). The standard cabling is still great and more than good enough to allow you to really enjoy your latest upgrades. I would just enjoy for a bit and then consider upgrading to Powerlines as a first step.

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I’d do dedicated mains, Fraim and Powerlines before SL cables.


Thank you for the advice agreement Richard. It was a really great and nice surprise to see you on my visit to naim HQ today, particularly as I missed you at the Bristol Show.

Spending some time talking with you, Charlie, Jason and Mark made it a very enjoyable day for me. Happy that elbows were bumped and hands were regularly washed and sanitised, while the music played on!


I have 252/SCDR/300DR and use a combination of Naim OEM cables for DC power (i.e. SNAIC and Burndy), HiLine IC (NDX2), PowerLine for AC, and WitchHat Morgana (DIN-XLR) and Phantom (speaker) cables. I am quite pleased with the result and have no plans to get any SuperLumina or anything else. Even at 50% off for used, on the very rare occasion it comes up, the U.S. prices are just too excessive. Spending that money on records will give me far greater joy.


I can understand where you’re coming from. As usual it depends on how you want to allocate the funds for an upgrade. Personally I think I have overspent on cables but am glad that I made the change as the cables did transform my system for the better. I only upgraded the interconnects and speaker cable on my 282/250DR/Hicap DR, power cords are standard Naim ones.

The cables cost £4,800 (retail) in total but I paid slightly less at £4,050. I just realised that the cost of aftermarket cables is actually higher than my main speakers the Harbeth SHL5+. Yikes…

Erm … if you use active ATC’s you can save a whole heap of funds by not needing to worry about such esoteric cables and the like.

Far too expensive.

Good quality microphone cabling and balanced connections is all that’s required.

You can still use Naim sources :grinning:

Well there is nothing wrong with a 252/300 with the standard cables. When those two units were released, there was no fancy Naim cables at all.

So if the price tag is too rich, there is no reason to go further unless you feel more comfortable. Remember there was a time when the provided cables were deemed the preferred cables until the new fancy stuff came along.

There is always Witchhat interconnect and speaker cables too if you are itching to replace cables end to end with something designed purposefully for Naim (but not by Naim).

Naim designed Super Lumina cables specifically for the Statement amp. The Powerline is supplied as standard only with certain 500 series boxes. In systems at that level, the prices don’t seem disproportionately expensive. They make the Hiline which is aimed at Classic separates. Yet people still put these cables on lower level Classic, or even Uniti systems. Like any other upgrade, if you think it’s worth the money, go for it. If not…

Gaza, Are you demoing the KS-1 from Signals? I ask because I’m down there soon to try SL but am interested in alternatives.