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Hi everyone.
My Naim NAC 102 does not have phono cards but the jumpers are enabled for the female RCA connectors and not for the 5 pin phono input. I would like to use this input for the line and not having the relevant NA526 card available, think about making a bridge with good copper wire.Do any of you have a similar situation?

From a Naim Manual, for the NAC102 -

Preamplifier Inputs -

Inputs 1a, 2 and 3 are standard high level inputs.

Alternatively, Input 1 can be converted into a Phono input. A simple modification enables a range of
plug in boards to be fitted. Connection is then made via the BNC sockets (1b). Please see your dealer
for further details.

Inputs 4, 5 and 6 are standard high level inputs and also have record output facilities, so these should
be assigned to your tape recorder, cassette deck or VCR.


If the links have been removed/cut, then this enables the Phono input, via whatever cards are fitted - including the 526 line level cards.

Alternatively, wire links can be fitted, instead of the 526 cards, to allow line level use.

Hope this helps.

If you look at a 526 card you understand that in both channels it is necessary to connect the two relevant pins to obtain the enable. It should be simple with no surprises. I have a snippet of audioquest diamond that could be used.

line card

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