Naim cd 3.5 plastic screw

One of the plastic push screws broke and the female part has fallen into the player when I was taking the top off. After I put the top back on, I thought it might catch and… fell in again….Is there a need to get it out, or harmless to leave it in there? The CD player is set in place now and I’d rather not take the top off just for this but just wondering if there is a need too…. It’s just a small plastic piece… anyone know if these can be bought / replaced?

If it’s a transport bolt then replacements can be bought.

I’d be tempted to get it out in case it’s resting on something important

No no, it’s the plastic push screw female part, broken so very small and light…. No where near the size of the transport screw……

You might be able to find a replacement through a dealer (Tom Tom ?), worth a try. As for the lost one in the player, i can’t see it being a problem, apart from knowing it’s there and hearing it roll around when moving the player. I doubt very much it will harm anything,

Do you mean the insert of one of the two part lid fixings? Probably worthwhile getting a replacement. I don’t know whether Naim still have these as spares but best have a word with your dealer and see what they can do.

Thanks, yeah I figured that as well…. It’s small, plastic and the player doesn’t move now that it’s in place…. Thanks

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