Naim cd clamp

Yes, that would be alarming. Very occasionally I have loaded a CD and pressed Play on the CD player without the puck in place, The player does not like this at all!

(Sadly, my CDS II is not working at the moment, but I hope that my new dealer will be sending it to Salisbury for some TLC soon.)

As I’ve noted above, TomTom Audio aim to keep all (four?) models of Naim puck in stock, so think of getting yourself a spare.


It’s also worth noting that they can be replaced. Many years ago when I was still using a CD player, asked Naim support if I could have a few spares. I was sent a padded envelope with about 25 of them. I would happily give these to anyone who still uses a CD player which employs this type of puck, but unfortunately Naim Audio Community rules won’t allow me to do this.

Hope it’s on the mend soon! Cymbiosis saved the day on this occasion and yes, I did get a spare😀 but hope never to hear that noise again.

Just rejoined the forum and great to read the piece on Puck usage and care. I’ve also explained that sinking feeling when you have forgotten to attach the Puck. I tend to listen late at night and always keep a light handy to find the blighter. Even has its own box when not in use, seems that the little rubber buffers uncompress to some degree.

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