Naim CD5 Alphanumeric display

My old CD5 has just come back from having a new laser and various other components replaced (not bad after twenty years use), and plays as expected. The ‘Play’ light illuminates, but the alphanumeric display is dead, regardless of what I do with the display button on the remote. Could somebody kindly remind me of the correct process for switching display on/off?
Other components respond appropriately, but I need to check before contacting the dealer/Naim.

With your Narcom remote, make sure the softkey is set to control CD. Then press the DISP button to toggle the display. Even with display off, you should get something on the display momentarily whenever you change function.


Catches me out more often than I’m prepared to admit in public.

Thank you both for responding.
Unfortunately, this was pretty much the first thing tried. I have two remotes, one from the CD5, the other from SN3. Batteries etc both OK. No response from the CD5 with either, though the SN3 happily cooperates.
I hope this is something simple, but I fear it’s a trip back to Naim!

I wonder whether it might be a ribbon cable that has moved slightly. Perhaps @NeilS has some idea here.

Hi Markn,

Firstly, apologies for the inconvenience of receiving your player in a state otherwise than expected.
I think Richard could be correct, although it’s odd that only the seven segment display is affected - a ribbon issue usually causes random characters & buttons to light.
Hopefully your dealer might be willing to have a look at it, otherwise we will prioritise the job if it comes back to HQ.


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