Naim CD5 xs and spare parts

Good evening,
I would like to know if on this date there is still a follow-up by Naim Audio in case of failure and for spare parts on the CD5 XS cd player. I plan to buy one on occasion but before that I would like to know this info.
thanks in advance

I think it best to email Naim Audio directly with your question about this fine player, one of which I am lucky enough to own.

Forum replies can easily contribute to the sort of febrile atmosphere that says it is ‘all so over’ for CD players.

If that all seems too negative, I can say that Naim have recently serviced a Naim tuner of mine where the tuning head was discontinued in about 2005. A new tuning head was fitted. In other words Naim had held stocks of the discontinued head for roughly sixteen years.

Good luck and please report back on what Naim have to say.



thank you for your answer I sent an email to naim but a lot of mail to deal with them I still have no answer for 15 days

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Perhaps @Naim.Marketing can take a look.

My experience is that CD5XS customers are valued as much as Statement customers.


Great to hear the 16+ year old tuner stock did help someone.

I have never heard of a failure Naim tuner so guess their stock are moving slowly.
A large range of electronic may require a large stock place.

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Actually I remember Julian (JV) stated back then, six-pack owners could expect a speedier support rather than Nait owners.
But that was 3-4 decades ago, things change.

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Did you write to the Support email, or another? Let me know and I will chase up latest from our Service team.

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Failure may occur later on.
My advice is not to commit on discontinued CD players at all.
A pity, I know, I’d definitely go either for it or cdx2.2 provided they weren’t.
Nice transports, too.

Hello, yes I wrote to Naim support but still no answer for 15 days and without answer I do not want to embark on this purchase especially since I have a brand new CD5si so I hesitate
Thank you

Do you have your ticket number?


Hello, have you been able to get some info?
I have an offer on a CD5 XS at 950 € and that tempts me well but still the fear on the spare parts
Thank you

Have you searched for existing topics and threads re spares availability for CD players?

yes but it is quite confusing, some say that Naim does not have any more mechanisms for the moment but that they are looking for a solution others have had a message telling them that it is not possible to repair and go to a CD5si , it’s not very clear, I’m waiting for an official response from Naim on this

Ok, sure Richard will be along soon.

I can’t give an official response, but from what we have gleaned, IIRC the current situation is that Naim can service and repair the CD5xs but mech replacement by the factory may not currently be possible. That may change in future if a decent supply of mechs can be sourced, but with the current covid situation that has been made impossible. So it’s a case of wait and see. If you’re outside of the UK it’s worth asking your distributor as they may still have mech stocks. However, as you’re likely looking at this from a longer term perspective, you will probably need to factor that factory support for the mech on an old player such as this may not be possible in the future.

you advised me to keep my CD5si? or try CD5 XS?

I haven’t advised you to do anything here, just filled you in on what info we know, so you can better make any decision.

I see you have an ND5XS2 streamer, so is a separate CD player an absolute necessity? Money saved on the CD player could well go towards an upgrade to an NDX2. If you really do still want to spin discs then just add a decent but inexpensive CD player as a transport to the NDX2’s DAC. So there may well be better options here.

thank you for your answer, all this requires reflection, I am attached to the cd format but to see. I thought that the CD5 XS at this price could be a good solution with a flatcap on it and on the XS3.
A little too expensive for me the NDX2

My cd5xs has been in the loft since Easter. Mainly due to a lack of space on the rack. But I also realised I didn’t use it. All my cds are ripped to nas. Any cd was played from the nas via asset to the ndx2.

All this talk of obsolescence helped me decide to sell it. It was actually a sad moment. I was without a cdp for the first time since 1984. Unable to directly play a format I enjoyed. But the reality is chaps, these machines are becoming rather niche. Maintaining them difficult due to spare parts. Naim will have limited intrest in sourcing equivalent mechs. Remember as a proper engineering company they will need to substantiate any change. This will prove difficult and take time. Hence money. And how many cd5xs/ cd2.2 owners will actually be interested?
Unless an easy answer is given naim, it’s not going to happen.