Naim CD5 XS

I am looking at buying a used CD5 XS to replace my aged Rega Planet. I would add a Hi Cap or flat cap to the Naim. I have a NAC282 Dr and NAP250Dr with two hi caps. Any views on whether a used CD5 XS is worthwhile or should I look at newer offerings from current manufacturers.

Are you running a Naim streamer?
I went Audiolab CDT through my NDX2’s DAC for my CD solution.
Excellent sound quality, with the NDX2 doing all the heavy lifting.
Just a thought if you have a streamer with digital input connections.

IME a Flatcap is better on their CD players rather than Hicap, while powering preamps its the opposite, if possible listen for yourself.

I had that combo CD5XS/FC2XS back then and it was really good, a pity with the doorstop scenario, reason I went to Rega Saturn latest edition.

I have a Flat Cap and a CD5XS

I’m a huge fan of my CD5 XS with a FCXS. I imagine these models are capable of giving you the essence of Naim in your Naim set.

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I would say another option, which I felt was better than a HiCap on the CD5XS is using it as a transport to an nDAC.

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Hi Nicholas

I have the CD5XS, it’s great piece of Naim kit, highly recommended if you can find one, I think those who have one hold onto them

I started off just using as alone and sounded pretty good

Then progressed using its digital out ( master stroke by Naim to introduce that) to the NDAC - really excellent SQ

Ultimate nDAC to XPS2 , icing on the cake

Can’t go wrong with the CD5XS, I’m sure it sounds really with the flat cap also


I used to have a CD5XS with FC2. Very good on its own, even better with the FC2 (which, IIRC, made it sound more analogue/natural).

Exactly mirrors my experience.

That accords with my experience with a CD5XS. Mind you, even better than a Flatcap IMO is to get an nDAC and use the CD5 as transport. That makes a front end worthy of a 282/250 and with potential for further improvement with a power supply.



Second that :+1:

CD5XS is now the only bit of Naim kit in my main system. I bought it specifically for use as a transport and because the swing out drive is the nicest solution to loading CDs I’ve ever used. I use it mainly for playing classical music and it sounds fab through my Aqua La Scala DAC. Highly recommended.

Thanks forgot that so I’ve canned it.

Best through most DAC’s I reckon glos_olly :+1:

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