Naim CD555 Spindle

Problem with my CD555. Has anyone else experienced this problem.

Unable to load CD. When I open the LID the spindle doesn’t stop spinning.

Have you tried turning it off and on again? Maybe it’s having a moment.

I really have no idea, but is it worth trying the lid calibration routine? Though I’m not sure I’d be happy recommending anything about someone else’s rather expensive CD player!

I did do a search but didn’t find much, I did think some of the players have a door sensor. I was guessing if the sensor doesn’t think the door is open maybe it won’t stop the platter spinning. Maybe I’m remembering incorrectly and that problem usually manifested the other way round, the platter would not spin because they player did not think the door was closed. And even then perhaps that was the manual tray CD players!

Not much help I guess. Anyway, maybe the above triggers someone else’s memory!

Good luck with it anyway

Thanks for the reply. It was working fine when I brought it at the Naim dealer. Have tried turning it on & off, still playing up, no luck!

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The dealer came to our place & tried it out(still the same). Took it away to Naim Salisbury for repair. Glad it had a years Guarantee.


Naim have tested the CD555, they can’t find any fault with the Spindle/platter spinning!! I think the fault may be with the PS555. Perhaps, the Burndys, or the sockets on the rear are at fault?? I’ve completed a continuity test on all the pins at each end of the Burndys, all buzzed ok, along with the metal collar for any soldering shortages.
I’ve read the Burndys can get damaged by twisting them to locate on the pins, or the metal collar doesn’t securely clamp. I’ve had no problems with the PSU whilst using my CDS 3, but that only uses one socket on the rear!. The unit worked well together with their PSU whilst I had a demo at the dealer. So I really think there could be a fault with my PSU or Burndys.
Pulling my hair out!!

I am surprised that your dealer only took the head unit. When I had an issue with my CD555, I was advised to return everything including the Burndy.

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Naim is re opening next week. The dealer will be collecting the CD555 and delivering it to me. You have a valid point in mentioning that the PSU / Burndy leads could be at fault, in hindsight, it would have been a good idea to get the Burndys tested at the same time. The PSU could well be at fault, but it wasn’t purchased from this dealer. If the CD555 is still at fault when connected up, my next step will be to get the PSU dispatched to Naim along with the burndys. As l previously wrote, it all performed well when I had a demo…just strange it’s at fault now!

Are you using the correct Burndys?
XPS for the CDS3 & the braided 555 ones for the CD555.



I also own a CD555 and they seem to be very temperamental in comparison to the CDS3 which I also previously owned. My unit had a service when purchasing from a dealer however encountered an issue in transit as came with a door calibration issue, I am told whilst rare, this can happen. Strange that they have not found an issue as really sounds like a sensor issue as suggested, if the player is now fully working I wonder if the issue has sorted itself in transit? Would your dealer not allow you to test your PS555 with another Naim product before sending this off? You would need to go via them anyway.

Thanks Neil. I’m using the correct Burndys as supplied with the CD555, when it was played at the dealer.

Thanks broomy. If it is still faulty when it’s returned I will take the PSU & Burndys to a local Naim Dealer and ask them nicely to test them out for me.

Got CD555 back from Naim no fault found!! If that’s the case, then the fault must with the PS555. Local dealer has sent it to Naim for a check over & full service, along with Burndys.

Not necessarily - a cursory test routine won’t always show an odd issue, especially if its intermittent.

Is your dealer going to test your CDPPS555 with another Naim component before sending back?

It’s back at Naim now, with the burndy leads. It’s a 2007 model, Naim Records show it’s had a DR fitted, but it’s never had a full Naim service. This could well be the problem, hopefully they will find the fault when it’s carried out. The CD555 worked fine when I had a demo at the dealer, it was being powered through another PSU555.

Naim thoroughly tested the CD555 a few weeks ago over three days, no faults were found!! Advised me the PSU needs a service.

My dealer hasn’t got any other units to test it against. Could say I’m a LITTLE peed off with it all!!

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I’m hoping a full service will fix the problem. See my message to broomy.

I have been there with my CD555 which returned with a fault having been serviced, given your player was working with other PS’s would absolutely suggest its your PS555. It will be worth the wait but appreciate the frustration !

All working now the PS555 was at fault! Burnt 47R Positive 12v Dr module replaced the resistor. The CD555 sounds great, BIG improvement on the CDS 3


I’m about 3 months in after a CD555 service, including replacement of tantalum capacitors. I’m sure that the sound quality has now gone significantly up, it is currently giving the LP12 a good run for its money.

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