Naim CD5i (1) Question

I have a cd5i from 2007, this is the original, not the italic model. I wanted to try tightening the connection which sits near the lid (through the small hole in the base) The lid is rattling very badly since it was shipped to me (seller decided to ship the cd player upside down, i mean, what!!) I was thinking that maybe this connection came loose during shipping. The matching amp which arrived at the same time is fine, the lid on this is not rattling when touched. I can’t imagine this looseness of the lid is good for vibration control, especially with a cd player so if anyone knows the precise tool & size needed, be much appreciated.

I think its either a hex or star bolt.

Dont know the exact size but you need to exercise caution as it screws into very soft metal on the lid. Easily damaged.

@Richard.Dane will advise with more accuracy.

The bolt changed at some point so probably best for @NeilS or Naim support to advise.

Whatever you do, be very careful as the Magnesium Zinc metal of the cover is very soft and easily dimpled (or worse) by over-tightening of the retaining bolt.

Yes, early ones will be a No.1 Pozidriv & later ones a T10 Torx.

As Richard says, don’t overtighten - there’s also a shakeproof washer which can deform & break up.



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